Welcome to Imagination Conversion


I stole that comment from Eugene Peterson who also said that storytellers should be ordained.For the past couple years I have been on http://www.davidwmfisher.blogspot.com but felt that a new chapter has turned in my life so therefore maybe a new look and a new blog is a sign of an inward change in my life. 

It’s a good change.  

It’s a change from the detox of leaving the known kiddie pool and the intox of embracing the unknown waters of the deep. It’s a change that embraces who I am and where I’ve come from.  I hold no grudges, and fume no animosity toward those who are left upon the shore.  I love them deeply for who they are.  But the past blog was, well, the past.  And now after some time of moving forward but still having some membership in the “Dead Pastors Society” (thanks to Roby Mac for that) I feel like I can share a brew with my fellow humanity and not bitch about the past, but look upon with fondness.  Fondness not to go back, just as I may have fond memories of being 12 but I don’t want to be twelve again, but fondness of knowing that my past has shaped me and my future, though unknown and scary, is secure in the one who holds my hand with one hand  and all of time with the other hand. 

So here I am.  

Consider it an “Imagination Conversion” 


8 responses to “Welcome to Imagination Conversion

  1. Beautiful photo … will add you to me blogroll.

  2. I’ve been reading your posts on the “old” blog, and I’m looking forward to what you have to say in the future.

  3. looking forward to being a witness here….

  4. Good for you! I am looking forward to reading this blog. I am always fascinated by other people’s stories, where they are and how they got there and where they are headed. Maybe that’s why I am a journalism major, cause I’m nosy! 🙂

  5. David,

    Well, I haven’t read your old blog and have arrived at your site on your wife’s recommendation; I like it already for two reasons: a0 your post on stromatolites and b0 yo quote Eugene Peterson.

    Change is good and so is shatering old paradigns, albeit hard sometimes, is really necessary for growtth. I’ve shattered many in the last 10 or so years – young earth to old earth (Hugh Ross is one of my heroes); traditional evangelical escathology (is gone); became an egalitarian (unbeknownst to me) ~20 yrs ago.

    I’ve book marked your blog and look forward to your posts. Maybe some day will smoke a Monte Cristo and drink some Makers Mark while encouraging each other in our apprenticeship of Christ.

    Peace Bro…

  6. revolutionishere

    We’ll hello all friends old and new. 🙂

    Carlos, I’ll take you up on that!

  7. David,

    We’ll have to set that up; by the way, I’m bummed out as Barcelona lost to Villa Real – Ronaldinho Gaucho is a fellow countryman and Samuel Etto a Bro…so I feel for them.

    A bit more about me,… would like to hear from you…..

    Since I mentioned La Liga and Spain, here’s what my youngest son and I are contemplating…running with the bulls in Pamplona in July….one of those things in my to do list before I die….

  8. can’t wait to read mo’

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