Stromatolites are our parents if you believe that sort of thing…

Do you know what a Stromatolite is?  I didn’t until I read chapter 19 in Bill Bryson’s book “A Short History of Nearly Everything” – which I highly recommend by the way.
Well a Stromatolite is one of the first comlex living organism’s that arrived on the scene called earth about 3.5 billion years ago; which is quite young considering the earth is only 4.5 billion years old.  The fascinating thing is that in Shark Bay Australia, they still exist!  I’ve never been there, but Bill Bryson says, “…it is a curiously giddying moment to find yourself staring at living remnants of earth as it is was 3.5 billion years ago (p299).”
Knowing what it is, I’m in fact a bit awed by the picture, as unimpressive as it is. 
Now if you believe in evolution, you’re looking at mom and dad times a large number of generations.
If you believe in old earth creation, you’re looking at a living species that God put his handiwork to a long time ago; although you may not believe you are related to them.
If you are a young earth creationists, well, no offense, but it kind of takes the awe and wonder away a bit.
I’m still looking for a young earth evolutionist.  That’d be a hoot.  If you are one please speak up! 

5 responses to “Stromatolites are our parents if you believe that sort of thing…

  1. Whooo … you changed again.

    I love that picture … It’s not unimpressive at all. It looks like the environment of some planet that the Star Trek crew landed on … weird. Imagine … they can spring to life, and shoot ray-beams out of the nodes killing intruders.

  2. I like this look better babe.

    I agree sonja, I can totally see it LOL

  3. revolutionishere

    It does look like Star Trek doesn’t it.

  4. So David,

    You have ledft the shore for the deep waters; how deep are going? Which profundities are you contemplating?

    From the Cosmic picture and comments on stromatolites, I get an inkling you are exploring the threshhold of human knowledge fom God’s second book – The book of nature;

    If you like a good the language translation for Psalm 19:1-4 and Hebrew 11:3, I recommend Brian Green’s “The Fabric of the Cosmos”; Brian is a superstring theory expert and teaches at Columbia; in an interview with the now defunct Mars Hill Review – issue 24, he states referring to the unseen six extra dimensions “.. is that, just like the vibrations of air streams as they go through a tuba are affected by the geometry of the instument, the vibrations of strings are affected by the geometry of these extra dimensionsions. So the extra dimensions, through their geometry, affect how strings vibrate, and in turn that affects things like the mass of particles and therefore atomic properties and therefore things that we do see and experience in the world.” ( no need to write Hebrews 11:3) – the above from an agnostic phycist.

    My personal motto is to know reality completely and we can not do it w/o knowledge of the Spiritual realm, i.e. w/o The Life in us..

    Just to let you now where I am and trying to find out where you are… this is definitely material for discussion with the Monte Chisto and Makers Mark 🙂


  5. revolutionishere

    Hey Carlos,
    Great stuff. I know there’s no way at this point to verify string theory, so it’s a step of faith to embrace it, but wouldn’t it be interesting if God’s music permeated the cosmos?
    I’m no physicist – I majored in communications, but I’m fascinated by the fabric of the cosmos and the history of creation. I’ll check out your recommendations.

    It is my belief that we will never know ‘reality’ completely, but that we should embrace and learn as much as we can because it can point us in the right direction in our place in the cosmos and our place in the Creator.

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