The “WTF” new Christian Witnessing T-Shirt

 “Heart of the Artist : behind the design

If you ask Al Gore, Global Warming is the biggest threat to humanity. Not abortion or the absence of God in our homes and schools. Wake Up America! This is not your biggest problem. It is not even in the top 100. The bible tells of a dark future for the lost and the wicked. God has given us a chance to make a difference today, even now.”

Well at least the last sentence is correct; that we have a chance to make a difference.  But this is not exactly my idea of “Kingdom Theology”.  But I believe Jesus was an environmentalist as well as savior of humanity.
Thanks to the magazine “Geez” for putting this in their letters to the editor section from a guy Timothy.
Like my new friend Tim says, “I’m sure it will have so many people flocking to churches all over the country that we won’t know what to do.”
If that happens Tim, I’ll recant this post immediately.  But I’ll still be an environmentalist. 

4 responses to “The “WTF” new Christian Witnessing T-Shirt

  1. Whatever happened to “kindness leads to repentance”? When did we settle for fire and brimstone to promote fear in our quest to get more people “saved?”

  2. I’m speechless. I just don’t get this mentality at all.

  3. Oh Man, so today at work, I guy comes in with this t-shirt on! The girl he was with had a “Be like Christ” t-shirt. They were rude and bad tippers to boot! And that’s the problem with these shirts, besides the fact that they are abrasive and alienating, the people who usually wear them have no interest in taking the time to converse with people. If I didn’t hate that shirt before, I sure do now! 🙂

  4. OK, so let’s suppose the environment is only number 101. What is there about the top 100 that makes me not want to think about #101?
    A coworker who has a pastor who mocks “treehuggers” got very cool to me after I talked to some kids on the environmental wisdom of driving at the speed limit (“What’s the hurry?”). That’s when I learned that being a steward of earth’s resources was taking sides in a religious controversy. It can’t be simply because the Left Behind books featured SUVs. If you know why it’s controversial, please don’t tell me.

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