Membership Requirements for a Revolution

Welcome to the Revolution.
We are so ‘anti’ membership, if people come too much we ask them to leave (okay not really but we are ‘anti’ membership in the traditional sense of the word)
Here is our ‘anti’ membership requirement list:
You do not need a salvation testimony 
We clearly follow Jesus and worship Him, but if you don’t, that’s cool.
Disagree with our Statement of Faith 
We like people who disagree with us as long as it’s for the purpose of learning from each other and it’s all done in love.  But please please please, if you disagree, speak the hell up!
Disagree with our Core Values 
Well, we’re a missional run community, chances are  if you think the same way, you’ll like it, but if you think differently you won’t and probably seek community elsewhere, BUT you can come.  We still love you!  Just re-read the explanation about our ‘anti’ Statement of Faith above.
Sprinkle or Dunk, if you choose to follow Christ, we don’t care, just get wet 
And we’ll share bread and wine together too. 
Don’t get involved with us
Get involved in your community and your world.  Go be light in darkness.  Build relationships.  Invite the sinners and tax collectors to dine with you and you with them.
Don’t Participate in Ministry
Live the Revolution. 

10 responses to “Membership Requirements for a Revolution

  1. Great post; since our banishment to the outer darkness from our local church, my wife and I will have to move to Ft. Collins and join up 🙂

    I like it and will pass this along to my C.S. Lewis community of heretics.


  2. man, you’re so demanding 🙂

  3. I want to join…er…unjoin….er…not fit in too! 🙂

  4. so, seeing as i’ve never worshipped with you, does that make me the best (/worst) non-participating pseudo member ever?

    i dig you Fisher folk. thanks for walking today. i got a couple photos of you and Shayel.

  5. revolutionishere

    Thanks ya’all! I now I don’t always respond, but comments make me feel loved! Unless of course they are unloving comments in which case I just like the attention!

  6. Hooray for unjoining. I’m sending this to the triumpherate 🙂


  7. Hi, may I use your graphic?

  8. revolutionishere

    sure…it’s not mine. 😉

  9. absolutely awesome.

    these have been our unwritten understandings..until now! I’ll be lettin our folk now they can find them written right here!

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