Bashing SUV’s for Jesus – Synchroblog

Or baptize your SUV for Jesus…

Well in an attempt to please everyone; and my nature is to please everyone or piss everyone off, I’m writing on the environment and being missional because there’s two synchroblogs going on.

Now, this is not as much of a stretch as some might think.

There’s this argument going around by people who are concerned that by ‘going green’ would keep people in poverty and therefore we should be careful about listening to the fear rhetoric that is been dished out by environmentalists and their demi-god, Al Gore.

Actually, this is, to put it simply, as stupid argument and I haven’t heard much response to it.

The truth is, ‘going green’ is more than an environmental issue, it’s a social justice issue.  A social justice issue then becomes a missional opportunity as well.

Let’s take this generic yet all to common example:

A man from an indigenous tribe in the rain forest looses his village do to logging and ranching.  This man then has to work in a factory to make a living; working for slave wages as the ‘civilized ones’ try and bring this man out from the dark ages in which he lives.

This man not only looses his lifestyle, his home, and his culture, he also looses his dignity.  What kind of God would bring him to that?  Making a better quality of life by helping warring tribes become peaceful or advancing their medical facilities and education is one thing, but giving people no other choice but to loose everything is not the advancement of civilization.

If we look at the larger picture, let’s observe the tribe in Alaska that is loosing their town because of climate change, or the droughts in Africa with vanishing water supplies that leave only war and poverty.

It doesn’t take a prophet to realize that if we do nothing about curbing the rapid climate change problem, it will cause further human suffering; and that is a real humanitarian problem.  Let’s take the missional approach and eradicate poverty now by going green, and not wait.

If we don’t do anything, we won’t have a missional opportunity but a humanitarian catastrophe.

And if you don’t believe in climate change, then don’t do it for the polar bears, do it for the humanity.

To make that point all too clear, I vote for bashing SUV’s for Jesus.  😉

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6 responses to “Bashing SUV’s for Jesus – Synchroblog

  1. Eradicating poverty by going green is not simply about going green, but more importantly about going simple.

    Being a skeptic, but green nonetheless I am one of those who is concerned that money is the motivating factor for too many people – especially those who predict the coming Gorey events. (hmmph, hmmph – clears throat and smiles impishly)

    I am not concerned that it will keep people in poverty. I am concerned that it will create new classes of poverty.

  2. I find that it not so much the SUVs, but I’m asking myself “Is your journey really necessary?” as in wartime. I stay at home and spend more time online (OK, that uses electricity, but not as much energy as a car).

  3. A concern I have is that the West might try to lean on developing nations to avoid polluting, thus preventing the necessary industrial revolution. The solution is for Western nations to provide assistance and guidance for having a “green” industrial revolution in those nations. Unfortunately, that’s not what I see going on. Instead, I see a lot of exploitation of human and natural resources. It mars the image of God in humanity and defiles the creation.

    Excellent post, and nice pic in that post.

  4. revolutionishere

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the comments… good stuff.
    Phil, I agree, and have many a conversation with people where there is a concern that money is a motivating factor.
    It ain’t pretty, but maybe the means justify the ends…
    I’d love for everyone to go green out of the goodness of their hearts like us….
    And maybe it sounds cynical, but if they go green and get green in the process, I’ll take that over the alternative which most like is going brown to get green…

  5. good stuff, I too believe the call is to simple living… the motivating factors are always going to be mixed- we are human… but even if the concern for both the environment and our fellow humanbeings is there only in the corner of our minds it is still worth it…. who knows maybe as we go we will learn both mercy and compassion!

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