Some Christians Need to Keep Their Views Quiet For the Sake of the Rest of Us

I’m driving to work this morning and listening to the news and the story that was being covered was about a shootout in LoDo (Downtown Denver-kind of a outdoor mall, bar, club district) last night after the bars closed at 2am.  Apparently cops were exhanging bullets with some others who felt generious enough to give the police shotgun pellets.

It’s a tragic story and one of the questions the radio station had asked – kind of their morning poll – was asking if people were still going to spend time in LoDo or would they stay away now, feeling its unsafe.

One person responded via text message:

“I don’t go to LoDo because being a Christian I have no business being down there that time of night in the first place.”  (Or it was something equally moronic so forgive me if I don’t have the order of words right)

Okay, dude, seriously, even the hard core fundies would go their and pass out tracts at least trying to make Jesus known.  Are you just held up in your basement waiting for Jesus to return?  Good thing you stay away from those drunks and fornicators…cause you wouldn’t want to accidently touch one of the heathen.  After all, God’s word says to COME OUT and be separate.

So you just stay in your house, go to church, do your little mens groups (or womens group – but men are usually the ones that say stupid things like that – so fogive me for stereotyping), say your prayers, listen to your Christian music, and watch “Touched by an Angel”, but don’t…please don’t… give someone the opportunity to read your views over the radio because you’ll give Christians who are trying to advance the Kingdom a bad name.

Thank you.



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