My Favorite Song

Wilderness by Stuart Garrard of Delirious

We’re so nervous for your glory
Please guide our steps
We tread in awe and wonder
We can feel your holiness
We’re letting go of what’s gone before
And look to what’s ahead
But we don’t go out in haste O Lord
We want to be your friends

Lord lead us through the wilderness
We trust that you’ll provide
Be our cloud by day and our fire by night
And when we reach the other side
We’ll look back and all we’ll see
Is your goodness

It really feels so different now
The air is clear, our hearts are right
Come and walk among us now
So we can breathe the breath of life
We know the truth and it has set us free
We hear your voice and recognise your words
And in your book we read of how it can be
So we’ll tell others how you paid the price


One response to “My Favorite Song

  1. Oh please can you tell me where I can get hold of this song. I’ve been searching for it for years!! Thanks and God bless, Rob.

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