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Are Evangelicals Really Interested in Social Justice – Synchroblog

First off, yes, I’m back for now.  I’ve been writing via other endeavors and have not had the time or had anything profound to say on my very own blog.  🙂

Thanks for those of you who have inquired via comment or email.  I am alive.

The synchroblog this month is social justice and I’m about three days late:

Since this is a near and dear issue with me, but it also is with many people now (thank God) I thought I’d take a slightly different angle.

It warms my heart that the evangelical community is beginning to embrace issues of social justice.  So much so that CNN gave a report about how some evangelicals may not vote the right wing party line because the left seems to be more aware and do more with social justice issues.  I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but what is true is that a shift seems to be taking place.  It’s not a large one.  I don’t see it happening in every evangelical church in Northern Colorado, but I hear stories coming from places like the Vineyard and Timberline (mega churches here in Fort Collins) that give me hope.

So, a question has emerged from this:  Is it just a fad for right wing bible believing Christians (and theologically I still consider myself one to a very moderate extent-although there will be plenty who are not as moderate that would disagree with me and that’s okay.  I’m all about embracing differences), or is it a real move?

I have my hopes and I have my doubts.  Maybe the evangelical church is trying to be cool by listening to Bono (and who doesn’t listen to him?), but maybe there is something growing in this segment of Christ’s church that desires to do more than ‘give them the word of God.’

In 20 years history may reveal itself.  I have doubts, but mostly I’m hopeful.


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Condoms and Christianity

I now volunteer for the Northern Colorado Aids Project and last Saturday I helped at a health fair booth in Windsor Colorado.  It’s a small mostly farming/ranching community east of Fort Collins.

I must admit it was a bit strange to sit behind a table with a two bowls of condoms on it along with information about STD’s, AID’s, and alternate sexualities.  Even stranger to do it in Windsor.

But I also must admit that I met some very interesting, wonderful, clever, people.  Some gay, some not.  Some had friends who they were concerned about regarding STD’s and Aids, other were just people that appreciated what we do for the community.

And then it occured to me that I think it’s pretty awesome to go to places and just be me…hopefully being a light… to people that many conservative Christians avoid:  Brilliant scientists who are mostly aesthists and agnostics at astronomy club, the gay and lesbian community, and those living with HIV,(for the record, almost as many hetrosexuals have HIV as do homosexuals so I choose to keep the gay community and the AID’s work seperate in my mind).

What a wonderful eclectic group of people that I have encountered and really enjoyed being around.

And on a side note:  I’ve never knew there were so many different types of condoms out there including banana flavor.  Now tell me that’s not funny…

My next post will be on my dinner at Astronomy Club that I also had a blast at; and there was no birth control involved…

The Creative…and Sadly Destructive Human

Speculation is that since ‘human’ has been around, we have been responsible for possibly the destruction of 75% of species on the planet in both plants and animals.
And it doesn’t matter your creation belief; the fact is, we humans are pretty destructive.
I think that makes God sad.