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My Favorite Song

Wilderness by Stuart Garrard of Delirious

We’re so nervous for your glory
Please guide our steps
We tread in awe and wonder
We can feel your holiness
We’re letting go of what’s gone before
And look to what’s ahead
But we don’t go out in haste O Lord
We want to be your friends

Lord lead us through the wilderness
We trust that you’ll provide
Be our cloud by day and our fire by night
And when we reach the other side
We’ll look back and all we’ll see
Is your goodness

It really feels so different now
The air is clear, our hearts are right
Come and walk among us now
So we can breathe the breath of life
We know the truth and it has set us free
We hear your voice and recognise your words
And in your book we read of how it can be
So we’ll tell others how you paid the price


I Am Woven (warning: language ahead)

I am a woven piece of cloth

I am connected with other cloth

But I am fucked


I’ve been torn away

I am frayed

And I fear

I fear that I will continue to fray until there is nothing left

Working from the outward to the innermost part of my soul

But I can fake it

I pretend I am woven tight

But look close

Look close at me

Look into my soul

And you’ll see it

You’ll see the frayed edges


Ever so slowly giving away

Strands of thread that had been sealed tight, at home

Now homeless

I am being torn apart and I don’t know when it will stop

Can Jesus stop it and weave me new now?



(I wait)


Am I too stubborn

Or is it some cosmic plan for him defray me?


From a woven cloth to a jumbled knotted mess of string


Unable to untangle

Where God can weave me anew

New thread

New purpose

New life

Is there too much of my past that is so tangled I cannot be repaired

That I cannot be healed….


Where death is my only option?

I fear

I am afraid

I am alone

Look into my fuckin’ soul and see the frays

Then pray for me

Pray I don’t stay unraveled


Condoms and Christianity

I now volunteer for the Northern Colorado Aids Project and last Saturday I helped at a health fair booth in Windsor Colorado.  It’s a small mostly farming/ranching community east of Fort Collins.

I must admit it was a bit strange to sit behind a table with a two bowls of condoms on it along with information about STD’s, AID’s, and alternate sexualities.  Even stranger to do it in Windsor.

But I also must admit that I met some very interesting, wonderful, clever, people.  Some gay, some not.  Some had friends who they were concerned about regarding STD’s and Aids, other were just people that appreciated what we do for the community.

And then it occured to me that I think it’s pretty awesome to go to places and just be me…hopefully being a light… to people that many conservative Christians avoid:  Brilliant scientists who are mostly aesthists and agnostics at astronomy club, the gay and lesbian community, and those living with HIV,(for the record, almost as many hetrosexuals have HIV as do homosexuals so I choose to keep the gay community and the AID’s work seperate in my mind).

What a wonderful eclectic group of people that I have encountered and really enjoyed being around.

And on a side note:  I’ve never knew there were so many different types of condoms out there including banana flavor.  Now tell me that’s not funny…

My next post will be on my dinner at Astronomy Club that I also had a blast at; and there was no birth control involved…

The Creative…and Sadly Destructive Human

Speculation is that since ‘human’ has been around, we have been responsible for possibly the destruction of 75% of species on the planet in both plants and animals.
And it doesn’t matter your creation belief; the fact is, we humans are pretty destructive.
I think that makes God sad.

Stromatolites are our parents if you believe that sort of thing…

Do you know what a Stromatolite is?  I didn’t until I read chapter 19 in Bill Bryson’s book “A Short History of Nearly Everything” – which I highly recommend by the way.
Well a Stromatolite is one of the first comlex living organism’s that arrived on the scene called earth about 3.5 billion years ago; which is quite young considering the earth is only 4.5 billion years old.  The fascinating thing is that in Shark Bay Australia, they still exist!  I’ve never been there, but Bill Bryson says, “…it is a curiously giddying moment to find yourself staring at living remnants of earth as it is was 3.5 billion years ago (p299).”
Knowing what it is, I’m in fact a bit awed by the picture, as unimpressive as it is. 
Now if you believe in evolution, you’re looking at mom and dad times a large number of generations.
If you believe in old earth creation, you’re looking at a living species that God put his handiwork to a long time ago; although you may not believe you are related to them.
If you are a young earth creationists, well, no offense, but it kind of takes the awe and wonder away a bit.
I’m still looking for a young earth evolutionist.  That’d be a hoot.  If you are one please speak up! 

Welcome to Imagination Conversion


I stole that comment from Eugene Peterson who also said that storytellers should be ordained.For the past couple years I have been on http://www.davidwmfisher.blogspot.com but felt that a new chapter has turned in my life so therefore maybe a new look and a new blog is a sign of an inward change in my life. 

It’s a good change.  

It’s a change from the detox of leaving the known kiddie pool and the intox of embracing the unknown waters of the deep. It’s a change that embraces who I am and where I’ve come from.  I hold no grudges, and fume no animosity toward those who are left upon the shore.  I love them deeply for who they are.  But the past blog was, well, the past.  And now after some time of moving forward but still having some membership in the “Dead Pastors Society” (thanks to Roby Mac for that) I feel like I can share a brew with my fellow humanity and not bitch about the past, but look upon with fondness.  Fondness not to go back, just as I may have fond memories of being 12 but I don’t want to be twelve again, but fondness of knowing that my past has shaped me and my future, though unknown and scary, is secure in the one who holds my hand with one hand  and all of time with the other hand. 

So here I am.  

Consider it an “Imagination Conversion”